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Our mission is to accelerate true decentralization, convergence and autonomization of Internet and IoT devices. We build decentralized applications(DApps), protocols, systems, components, alternative infrastructure and hypercomputing hardware/software to improve today’s Internet, IoT infrastructure and AI systems. We are focused on building robust fail-safe technologies to improve human condition. We are building tomorrow's infrastructure for decentralized economy.


Cohomology Labs is a research, development, and deployment laboratory for DApps, AI systems, network protocols, development tools and components. We create large-scale software driven systems and alternative infrastructure for future internet that overcome significant challenges. We aim to solve them with new technology breakthroughs, great user experience design, and an open-source approach to creation.

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Cohomology Labs is a research, development, and deployment laboratory for DApps, network protocols, programming tools, AI frameworks, autonomous agents, decentralized infrastructure and backbone, wireless brain-machine interfaces, hypercomputing hardware and software. Cohomology Labs is a pioneering leader and currently leading following path-breaking projects: Orchor Protocol, a realtime unforkable blockchain for cross-blockchain and blockchain-free peer-to-peer payments, lending, value and asset exchange between humans, IoT devices and other entities, Godel Network for a large-scale quantum internet and Decentralized Secure Multiparty Computing environment and for instantiating decentralized exchanges and trading pools on demand. Our Pycoin enables python developers and programmers to write secure smart contracts in Python; a high-level versatile programming language.


Cohomology Labs was founded in March 2017, by Daniel Kaminski de Souza, the co-founder of Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency, Manu Prasad,an entrepreneur and Ren Timer, a hypercomputing expert.

Our Projects

A censor-proof zero-knowledge protocol for powering following decentralized applications:

  • Decentralized Crypto-Fiat Exchanges for trading Cryptoassets/Tokens via secure atomic swaps.
  • Decentralized Strategy Engine to build trading strategies (crypto and fiat assets, forex, options,futures, OTCs and so on) and PayBots.
  • Decentralized DAppStore for buying and selling trading bots, Paybots and other DApps powered by Orchor Protocol.
  • Zero-knowledge Platforms for P2P Crypto/Fiat Cash Advances against Cryptoassets.
  • Universal IoT Value Exchange Ports/API for IoT developers and vendors enabling zero-cost transfer of values and micropayments.
  • UI-based Formal Proof-driven Smart Contract Creation and Deployment for Tokenization of Protocols and Assets.
  • Hyperfast Payment Gateways for all cryptocurrencies and fiat-linked cryptocurrencies/stablecoins.
  • Decentralized Software Repositories and Collaborative Development Tools.

An advanced minerless unforkable blockchain inspired by Algorand for powering decentralized exchanges, private trading pools and derivatives markets as well as other DApps demanding high performance. It would be capable of processing up to two million transactions per second once fully deployed.

A privacy-preserving hypercurrency powered by latest advances in non-clonable quantum cash and decentralized secure multicompute technologies for enabling highly scalable machine-to-machine micro and macro payments and transactions. Star cash doubles up as a universal basic income generator to ensure Universal Basic Income thru multiple intrisic income streams for all star cash-holders/users in order to compensate massive job lossess and lack of employment opportunities in the next decades as machine consciousness and AI take over most of the jobs/professons humans are engaged in today.

A hypercomputational network and testbed for prototyping, testing and deploying quantum algorithms, quantum communication protocols, hypercomputational models, unconventional machine learning and machine consciousness.

Our Team

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Our vision is to build a quantum-proof and quantum-friendly global brain-like decentralized Internet comprising of trillions of IoT devices, decentralized minerless user nodes, space-based wireless routers and wearable brain-machine interface-enabled devices. We are passionately focused on building new DApps, protocols, systems, components and both terrirorial and extra-terriorial network infrastructure so that a new interplanatary Internet can emerge. We work to upgrade human condition. Work with Cohomology Labs and find your life's purpose. And claim your time sovereignty. You can work anytime and anywhere you want.


  • We focus on leadership and futuristic vision.
  • We work on high-impact problems.
  • We do things right, and we ship them.
  • We do groundbreaking work in our fields.
  • We believe learning and inventing go hand-in-hand.
  • We align incentives, and work across organizations.
  • We form brilliant and highly capable teams of people.
  • We value ownership and autonomy over large projects.
  • We work with flexible hours from all over the world.
  • We get together in exotic and inspiring locations.
  • We leverage our team's transdisciplinary background to craft out of the box solutions.

People and Location

Just like the internet itself, we are a fully distributed team spread across the world. We don’t let geography or borders define us -- we want to work with self-driven talented and intellectually curious people of diverse backgrounds and different perspectives. If you align passionately with our mission, we want to talk to you, no matter whether you're in Singapore or Sao Paulo.

Current Openings

Our core team drives the development of our projects. The roles below are those we need filled most. If you are interested in joining us, but are not sure you fit any of these roles, or your timing is difficult, reach out to us. Let's figure out together when our timelines match up.

Guide the next generation of protocols and decentralized web tools from conception through implementation As an open source product manager you’ll use a diverse set of set of engineering, UX, and business skills to create products that guide and direct fundamental changes to the structure of the web. You’re action oriented and are able to guide and support an engineering team of 5-15 people in a very fast-paced environment, yet can step back and see how an individual project or goal fits into our larger mission. You take immense pride and responsibility in your work and aren’t afraid to stand up for what you think is right.


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